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Mobile screening unit

Our sister company's screening units are fully equipped with the latest screening technologies. Furthermore, we are able to deliver services direct to your door with minimum disruption to your business. Additionally, they are manned by qualified and experienced professionals.
We can bring our mobile health screening units to any location. Also, work to a time table that suits your business demands. We don't require any office space from you. All screening is completed, reported and recorded within the unit.

Physiotherapists Training



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Drug & Alcohol Testing

Alcohol Testing is conducted by breath testing using a machine. The test is carried out by qualified Elite staff who are fully trained in the procedure of administering a breath test and certified to a level of competence. The collector will ask for information about the donor to fill in the Alcohol Testing Consent Form and obtain written consent by asking the employee to sign the form.

The employee will be asked to take a deep breath and blow forcefully and 

and evenly through the mouthpiece. The result is then expressed in ‘per mil’ units (grams per litre). To complete the test it takes approximately 5 minutes.

Drug Testing is conducted by a urine sample. The employee will be asked about any medicines they may have taken in the past 14 days. The specimen will not be analysed unless The specimen will not be analysed unless the employee signs the Consent to Test section of the Chain of Custody form. Testing is carried out in the presence of a witness. The employee will be asked to provide a urine specimen that will be tested immediately for the presence of drugs. If this proves ‘non-negative’ at this stage it will be sent to an independent fully accredited laboratory to be confirmed. The sample taken will The sample taken will be separated into two bottles one of which will be used by the laboratory for analysis. The other will be kept in safe storage for one year and will be available for independent analysis.

The laboratory will test for the presence of some or all of the following drugs:-

  • Amphetamines

  • Benzodiazepines

  • Cannabis

  • Cocaine

  • Methadone

  • Methamphetamine’s

  • Opiates (MOP

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Client Testimonials


“We have worked with Elite Executives since 2018 and are extremely satisfied with the level of service provided. The team are efficient  and effective yet personable and always professional.”